Hi, My Name is Rebel

Meet Rebel, a 2-year-old, 65 lb Shepherd Muttley Mix available through MarrVelous Pet Rescues & Adoptions. With extensive training under his collar, he’s not just a pet – he’s a loving, loyal companion ready to be your new family member. Give him the forever home he deserves. Start a lifetime of adventures together by adopting Rebel today!

About Rebel

Rebel, our shining star, has successfully completed an extensive training journey with the Keys to Dog Training under the guidance of Sharleen. Sharleen’s admiration for our boy knows no bounds!

Rebel underwent an enriching 8-week board and train program that has transformed him into the remarkable companion he is today. Rest assured, his adoption package includes post-training support for a seamless transition.

A true canine marvel, Rebel boasts a mix of multiple breeds in his DNA, with the shepherd lineage shining through. His loving, loyal nature is matched by his enthusiasm to work and his exceptional sociability, extending to both fellow dogs and people alike.

About Rebel

Know More About Rebel

Here’s what Sharleen, the trainer had to say:

“Rebel is an awesome dog. His DNA results came back with multiple breeds but I truly see the shepherd in him the most. He is loving, loyal, and happy to work, plus he is dog friendly AND people friendly. I believe his time in my home with myself, my husband, and all 5 of our dogs (plus additional board and train dogs) has been the reset he needed. 

My dream home for Rebel would have a fenced yard and another dog for him to play with. He does get skittish with loud noises so I personally would not trust him off-leash (even with the e-collar). We are continuing to work on getting him desensitized to noises but it takes time. 

He is a true gem. As a young adult dog that is trained, anyone who is willing to take a slow approach and not rush him will find that he is going to love you- any home would be lucky to have him. He is a quiet dog. He has only barked when he needed to potty or when he was startled. He also is a really clean dog. He doesn’t shed too much. He loves affection and to snuggle. He will go when you want to go and chill when you want to chill. 

He knows to sit, down, come, place, heel, drop, out, off, leave it, get it, kennel, enough, nails, and a few tricks such as touch, spin and through. 

We are really excited for whoever adopts him, it has been great opening him up and teaching him how to trust again. “

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