I understand that MPR will distribute food based on household and not individuals. If MPR notices that you have the same address as another client using the Pantry, you may be asked to verify your address.
I understand that MPR promotes responsible pet ownership and that spaying/neutering my pets, as well as keeping them vaccinated, is part of my responsibility.

I agree to not adopt additional animals during my time using the Pet Food Pantry and I understand MPR will not adopt to me while I am a part of the program. The addition of pets after registration may result in MPR no longer allowing me to participate in the Pet Food Pantry program.


I understand that all food provided to me was paid for by Keys Kritters and MPR. I also understand that this means MPR cannot guarantee the availability of pet food.

This means that MPR may not be able to provide food for all of my pets.


I understand that misuse of the Pet Food Pantry, including but not limited to, more than one registration per household, inappropriate behavior towards staff or volunteers, attempts to adopt, etc. will result in my dismissal from the program.

I understand that this is a temporary pet program for providing necessary aid for food.

I understand and agree to abide by the guidelines of the Pet Food Pantry program and all of the above.



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