When I lost my last dog, I was heartbroken and hated having such an empty house. MPR suggested I foster one of their dogs and I have to say, I don’t know who is luckier – me or the wonderful dog I fostered. I am a proud foster failure because I fell in love with…

We found our perfect doggie soul mate through MarrVelous pet. We can never thank you enough. We did start out with a different dog in mind but MarrVelouse was patient with us and allowed us to feel confident with our choice. It couldn’t have worked out better for our family and our wonderful Buddy. He…

April 22, 2017


I adopted the sweetest little Jack Russell named Clyde and I couldn’t be more thrilled with him. He is so loved by all in the neighborhood and I throw him a lovely birthday party each year. Marr Velous Pet Rescues is a great organization made up of caring volunteers.



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